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LUMUL 220V Neon Flex Blue LUMUL 220V Neon Flex Red LUMUL 220V Neon Flex Green LUMUL 220V white jacket coloured LED Cool white LUMUL 220V Neon Flex Orange LUMUL 220V white jacket coloured LED

Introducing our second generation PVC neon flex :

  • 3.6 cm cutting unit
  • Tighter bending radius
  • Increased brightness
  • Wired mini-pins and coloured mini-end-caps for signage
  • 32% less power consumption
  • Thicker internal flexible printed circuit for improved heat dissipation
  • True orange, yellow & pink available
  • Physically lighter than our generation 1 neon flex

LUMUL LED Neon Flex emits an amazingly even, smooth light across the entire length of the Neon Flex. Due to its ease of installation and versatility, it is perfect for signage and has gained international popularity as a replacement for traditional glass neon.

LUMUL Neon Flex carries the European CE safety mark and is resistant to impact, salt air, corrosive substances and water, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

We have a wide range of accessories available to make installing and working with Neon Flex even easier. Neon Flex can be cut on designated cutting lines and lengths can be easily joined in minutes.

Perfectly suited as a replacement for glass neon, Neon Flex is easy to work with and install, is extremely robust and hard-wearing, has no glass, no mercury, no internal gas. Unlike high voltage glass neon, our LED Neon Flex is available in 12V, 24V or 220V.

Our 12V Neon Flex offers the shortest cutting length available - every 3.6cm -  perfect for signage where more precise lengths are required. With high quality LED internals you can expect an extremely long lifespan, whilst dramatically reducing your electricity bill due to the efficiency of LED lighting technology.

Neon Flex is fantastic for concealed lighting, giving a smooth, evenly lit effect without any light or dark spots or LED's visible. It's extremely easy to install and with the range of colours available, including our analogue and digital RGB ranges, can enhance the mood and look of any room.

WB - Energy efficient

LUMUL Neon Flex uses highly efficient Epistar 2835 SMD LED chips, which deliver incredible brightness compared to competitor products yet consume a relatively low wattage per meter. Our Neon Flex consumes far less electricity than traditional glass neon which will not only save your pocket, it'll save our planet too.

LUMUL Neon Flex Warranty

Every aspect of LUMUL Neon Flex has been carefully engineered to a high level of quality. We are so confident of the quality that we offer between 6 months and a full year warranty on our Neon Flex from date of purchase.


LUMUL Neon Flex is IP65 rated which means it is not only water resistant but with the correct sealing can be submerged in water. With our LUMUL accessories such as end caps, power connectors and heat shrink you can ensure water never impacts the performance of your Neon Flex.

WB - Cuttable

LUMUL Neon Flex is incredibly simple to work with. Unlike traditional glass neon you do not require a specialist trades person to install neon flex. It can be bent laterally, cut on demarcated cutting lines, joined, and installed using LUMUL 5cm or 1m channels.

WB - Lifespan 50000 hours

LUMUL Neon Flex is rated to maintain at least 70% of its original brightness after 50,000 hours of use. If the neon flex is lit for 12 hours a day, this amounts to a staggering 11 years!

WB - Green

LUMUL LED Neon Flex is environment-friendly, containing no mercury, no lead or other harmful chemicals an can be safely disposed of.